Maruichi Tanaka Shokai Co., Ltd. of Sapporo distributes to used auto parts dealers (clients) around the world, dealing only in safe and reliable used parts with businesses with which we share mutual trust.
We have earned the trust of businesses (clients) worldwide; why not try our proven, specially selected high-quality Japanese used parts?
The used auto parts we deal in are individually checked during a strict selection process before being exported.

Allow us to introduce the used parts exported by Maruichi Tanaka Shokai Co., Ltd. of Sapporo.
For instance, engines, transmissions and bumpers of Japanese vehicles.
Please don't hesitate to email us if you're searching for specific used parts.
A reply will be sent regarding availability of stock and other details.

Used Japanese auto parts

  • Engines of Japanese vehicles
  • Transmissions of Japanese vehicles
  • Bumpers of Japanese vehicles
  • Bonnets of Japanese vehicles
  • Doors of Japanese vehicles
  • Struts of Japanese vehicles
  • Suspension and chassis parts of Japanese vehicles
  • Lights of Japanese vehicles
  • Electrical equipment of Japanese vehicles
  • Mufflers/silencers of Japanese vehicles
  • Nose cuts of Japanese vehicles
  • Half cuts of Japanese vehicles

How to inquire about the export of used parts:

  1. Please send us an e-mail containing details of the used parts you are searching for. Details should
    include the vehicle manufacturer, name, model and any other necessary information.
  2. A reply will be sent, and once a dialogue is established and an order is received, the parts shall be
    prepared for export.
  3. The said used parts shall be packed in a container and shipped to the country of the customer's choice.

When enquiring about used auto parts, please include the following information:
Vehicle manufacturer, name and model, details of the parts you are looking for and any other necessary information.



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